Entry #3

A Wasteland Of Possibilities!

2010-06-30 01:11:24 by Pixelnaut


I don't know exactly what I mean by the title...However, I bring forth news to anybody who actually reads this and the best part is that it's excellent news!

If you have read my last entry I have spoke of a game in progress known as "Pixelnauts!" I was struggling to find anybody who can help me out with programming (because learning is out of
the question for a dunce like me). I am very glad to announce that this game is now a work in

I would like to give a whole bowl of brownie points (or space cake) to FoxyPanda69. He's the man
who's going to help me make this all happen!

As of right now the game is planned to be offline and I am working on the sprites/ GFX/ GUI/ storyline as we speak!

The first 3 pictures in the square are serious concepts to Pixelnauts! gameplay.


A Wasteland Of Possibilities!


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2010-06-30 01:25:27

you give me too much credit, but yeah lets make this thing happen. :3

Pixelnaut responds:

I love you. Enough said.
Don't look away just accept it. XD


2010-06-30 01:32:54

it seems like it could be a fun game. good luck!!

Pixelnaut responds:

Hey man thanks a bunch, I plan to post pictures that actually provide useful intel on how the games going to be in the future. But as of right now, its humorously confidential.


2010-07-19 01:37:43

heh, hypocrisy