Entry #1

Just made a fresh account!

2010-05-25 00:44:54 by Pixelnaut

Though I doubt anyone will read this soon, I am glad to finally be re-connected to newgrounds once again. Lately I've been into the pixel art phase because I find it very simple and enjoyable. I know I'm not that great but I am still proud at what I CAN do. I hope anyone who finds my page will comment on my pictures and hopefully provide some constructive comments to help me towards my goal of becoming teh pixel king! (Honestly I'm kidding people out there are way to damn good to even joke about becoming close to skill wise..)

-Ok I think I can stop here because typing any further would be pointless...
-Pixelnaut ._.


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2010-05-25 01:17:42


Pixelnaut responds:

Why thank you :)