A Wasteland Of Possibilities!

2010-06-30 01:11:24 by Pixelnaut


I don't know exactly what I mean by the title...However, I bring forth news to anybody who actually reads this and the best part is that it's excellent news!

If you have read my last entry I have spoke of a game in progress known as "Pixelnauts!" I was struggling to find anybody who can help me out with programming (because learning is out of
the question for a dunce like me). I am very glad to announce that this game is now a work in

I would like to give a whole bowl of brownie points (or space cake) to FoxyPanda69. He's the man
who's going to help me make this all happen!

As of right now the game is planned to be offline and I am working on the sprites/ GFX/ GUI/ storyline as we speak!

The first 3 pictures in the square are serious concepts to Pixelnauts! gameplay.


A Wasteland Of Possibilities!

Now is the time of production! Where school does not interfere with what I want!

The game I am working on:
-Pixelnauts!- Me and a few friends are planning to start creating a game. My name comes from its title "Pixelnauts" which is planned to be a 2D MORPG (since it probably won't be so massive I removed one "M".)

I have been spriting for sometime now and am currently creating map pieces and sprites along with an overall general map of the game world.

I do not know much on how to program however I am still creating all of this so that I may be ready for when I learn or come across somebody who is willing to help me out. (Since I do not plan to use eclipse for this one lol.)

Just made a fresh account!

2010-05-25 00:44:54 by Pixelnaut

Though I doubt anyone will read this soon, I am glad to finally be re-connected to newgrounds once again. Lately I've been into the pixel art phase because I find it very simple and enjoyable. I know I'm not that great but I am still proud at what I CAN do. I hope anyone who finds my page will comment on my pictures and hopefully provide some constructive comments to help me towards my goal of becoming teh pixel king! (Honestly I'm kidding people out there are way to damn good to even joke about becoming close to skill wise..)

-Ok I think I can stop here because typing any further would be pointless...
-Pixelnaut ._.